Celtic art – Celtic Mandala by Stushie

A fusion of two art cultures – Celtic and Buddhist. The picture is actually a visual prayer and is full of Christian symbolism. What can you see?

Celtic Mandala

Communion art: Blood and Tears by Stushie

Communion, Eucharist, Maundy Thursday art

Blood and Tears

Holy Week art: Star of Gethsemane by Stushie

Art for Maundy Thursday and Tenebrae

Star of Gethsemane

Eyes puffed with tears,
Blood mingled with sweat,
As Christ accepts
God’s will for Him.

Empty Tomb Easter art – Rising Star by Stushie


Rising Star

Good Friday art: Sin Bearer by Stushie

Christ carrying my sins for me

Sin Bearer

The God Particle by Stushie – Good Friday art

The God particle – at the center of Time, Space, and everything

The God Particle

Maundy Thursday Bulletin Cover by Stushie

Maundy Cover

Good Friday art – Wounded Warrior by Stushie

Saved by the blood of Jesus

Wounded Warrior

Good Friday art: Eye of God by Stushie

Even God suffered on that terrible day…

Eye of God

Good Friday art: Vicarious Victory by Stushie

Christ on the Cross based on one of my favorite pieces of art by the Spanish painter velasquez

Vicarious Victory