Pentecost art: Spirit Guide by Stushie

Pentecost bulletin cover/ clip art/ church window

Spirit Guide

Pentecost Art for Worship

Here are some of my Pentecost drawings, most of which can be used for bulletin covers and worship screens by subscribers.
Clicking on each image will take you to a larger version which can be copied or downloaded.

If you need larger jpgs, then please send me an email to, mentioning the name of the drawing in your message.

I will be adding to this section continuously, so new drawings will be available each year.


Pentecost Mandala Pentecost Power

Spirit of Pentecost

Pentecost People Break Out

Heaven Sent

Pentecost Trinity Free Fall

The Promise

Free Spirit Sacred Flame

Spirit Spectrum

Holy Spirit art: Connections by Stushie

The work of the Holy Spirit is to connect the world to God in Christ.


Pentecost Art: Celtic Flame by Stushie

I know it’s still early, but when the Spirit says draw…:)

A digital glass design for church window, bulletin cover, or worship screen

Celtic Flame

Pentecost clip art: The Coming One by Stushie

Pentecost art

The Coming One

Pentecost – Pentecost art – Pentecost trinity by Stushie

Pentecost banner

Pentecost Trinity

Pentecost art – Pentecost Mandala by Stushie

Stushie art: Pentecost Mandala – a mandala is a highly detailed pattern that takes about an hour of concentrated prayerful artistry to complete from start to finish. I needed to wind down on my day off…:) it’s like walking a labyrinth with crayons.

Pentecost Mangala

Pentecost art – Heaven Sent by Stushie

Holy Spirit descends to earth as promised by Christ

Heaven Sent

Pentecost Bulletin art: Free Spirit by Stushie

Sometimes you gotta draw when the Spirit says “Draw!”

Free Spirit

Pentecost art: Fulfillment by Stushie

The Holy Spirit is given to us on Pentecost as the fulfillment of Christ’s promise.


What a great gift! What an amazing Day!