Religious Art: Christ of the Polls

Christ does not belong to any political party…

Christ of the Polls

…and only he can bring the donkey and the elephant together.

2 thoughts on “Religious Art: Christ of the Polls

  1. “Stushie”,

    I enjoyed your artwork, it is very unusual. I would like to more about how you create it…is it all digitally produced?

    I have just started my first blog, which will be about Christianity and art, as well as other things touching my life. Come and visit me in a couple of weeks (when hopefully there is more to look at!).


  2. Thanks Becky. I usually start off with a sheet of white paper and outline my drawing with black wax crayon. I then scan it to mspaint as a bitmap. Then I invert the colors, which makes the black wax crayon look like grey lead on a window. I then color it in using many colors and shades. Finally I save it as a jpg which puts the drawing slightly out of focus, adding texture to the digital window.

    Sometimes I print the results on photographic paper and frame them.

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