mardi gras art: mardi masks by stushie

Mardi Gras poster for Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras

3 thoughts on “mardi gras art: mardi masks by stushie

  1. For some reason, I often have trouble logging in to comment on your art, but I just want to say that I really enjoy your posts. So much color & life in your work. Thanks! Angela

    1. I think it’s a server issue that makes me have trouble with WordPress sometimes – especially from one of the locations where I work. Nothing to do with your page. 😉 But I enjoy ALL of your posts that come through my email. Not only do I enjoy the visual imagery, but you inspire me to look for my inner artist – oh, and I have a young son, so I also enjoy your “how to draw” posts!! It’s just great work. Have a blessed and beautiful Friday!

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