Advent Candles art

Another series of Advent bulletin covers – the Christ candle in the last one is actually the Natal Star🙂

Week 1

Advent Candles Week 1

Week 2

Advent Candles Week 2

Week 3

Advent Candles Week 3

Week 4

Advent Candles Week 4

Christ Candle – Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

Advent Candles Christmas

Christmas Story coloring sheets by Stushie

5 coloring sheets for Christmas

The Annunciation


Angelic Messenger


The Outsiders


The Child

The Child

Love Came Down

Love Came Down

Advent Candles art for Bulletins by Stushie

Advent candles Weeks 1-4, plus Christ candle art for bulletins, churches, and worship screens

Advent 1 color

Advent 2 color

Advent 3 color

Advent 4 color