Advent 3 Candles

Advent candles for Advent 3 – bulletin cover and coloring page

Advent 3 Joy

Advent 3 Joy


Advent 3 Church bulletins

Some Advent candle images for Advent 3. Click on the thumbprint icon to take you to the Flickr portal where other sizes can be found. NB images can be used by annual subscribers or a donation can be given for an individual image. See right-hand sidebar for details 🙂

Advent 3 Advent 3 candles Advent 3 2015 Advent 3 Joy Advent 3 whirl 2018Grids3

Advent 3 spiral Advent 3 arch Advent 3 box Advent 3

Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 - 2014

Advent bulletins: Candles

Working on a simple series of Advent bulletin covers and coloring sheets

01 Hope col

01 Hope

02 Peace col

02 Peace

Advent 3 Joy

Advent 3 Joy

Christmas Eve art: Roomless by Stushie

Joseph and Mary wander the streets of Bethlehem. Crayons, paper sculpting, and some digital.


Thank you for subscribing

I want to write ‘thank you’ to everyone and all the churches who have subscribed and resubscribed this year. Your support and encouragement inspire me to create new pieces on a regular basis. I’d love to see photos of your bulletins, banners, posters, and drawings from your churches, so please feel free to send them to me by email at I’ll even post some on the site.

I’ve recently had a few bereavements which set me back a wee bit, so some of you who pay by check will receive a delayed email invoice over the next couple of days. I hope this will help you use my art during the entire Advent season.

God bless you all and thank you for subscribing 🙂