Lent clipart – Symbols

2 lent clipart drawings for bulletins & worship screens




Good Friday Art by Stushie

Good Friday art for bulletins, worship screens, and marketing

PowerlessA Fallen Star

In His Hands

INRI ChristMask2

Empty Sky Bordered

Passover King Gargoyle of Golgotha

Son of Man, Sin of Man Calvary's Chalice

Heaven Came Down

Beyond the Cross Eternal Savior

Forgiveness Kingitanga


Woodwork 101 Sin Bearer

Outside a City Wall Redeemer Rabbi

Maundy Thursday art

Maundy Thursday and Tenebrae art for Holy Week services

Maundy Thursday cover Time Stood Still


MT2016bb MT2016aa

Maundy Thursday
Betrayed Bordered

Forgive HofD

Do This

Cup of Salvation Maundy Thursday

Blood and Tears Maundy Cover

Cup of Salvation Psalm116

Palm Sunday Bulletin art

Palm Sunday takes place a week before Easter and is celebrated in churches all over the world. On Palm Sunday, most churches decorate the sanctuary with palms and have their church children parade waving palm leaves.

Palm Sunday is when Jesus entered triumphantly entered Jerusalem and was hailed as the Savior of His people. Tragically, within a week, Christ was arrested, tortured and executed by the very same people.

Palm Sunday bulletins normally have palms and crosses on their covers. These Palm Sunday images include those symbols, too.

A selection of my Palm Sunday drawings for bulletin covers and worship screens 🙂

New for 2017

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday



Palms PalmCross



Palm Sunday cover Hosanna


Psalm092 Hosanna

Coloring Sheet