Christmas 2 C bulletin art and coloring page

Gospel and epistle drawings for Christmas 2C. If churches are celebrating Epiphany early, then follow this link for the art: Epiphany.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download the art for use. See details for subscriptions here: Subscribe.

John 1:10-18

Christmas 2C Christmas 2Csq//

Ephesians 1 passage for Christmas 2

Bulletin cover and coloring sheet/ B&W cover

Christmas 2C

Christmas 2C

Ordinary 30B Bulletin Art and coloring pages

Bulletin covers, worship screen images, and coloring pages for Ordinary 30 B – also Proper 25 and Pentecost 22 – Psalm 34 and Mark 10:46-52 (Healing the Blind Man).

Subscribers and donors may copy and download art for use.

(If you subscribe by check, please review the date for your renewal – most churches who do this resubscribe in October, November, and December)

Psalm 34





Psalm 34

Psalm 34bw

Psalm 34v

Psalm 34bwv

Gospel: Mark 10:46-52


Bartimaeus coloring page


Bartimaeus coloring page

World Communion Sunday – Bulletin art and coloring pages

October 3 is World Communion Sunday this year.

World Communion Sunday – bulletin art, worship screens, and coloring pages. Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use. At the bottom of this post, I’ve included some of my Communion artwork that I’ve drawn this liturgical year. Other World Communion art can be found here: World Communion.



WorldComm2020colv  WorldComm2020v

World Communion Sunday 2019


World Communion Sunday

World Communion coloring page

World Communion Sunday cover   World Communion Sunday

Equal Access  Equal Access

FallCommunioncol  FallCommunion


Psalm 51colh


Sanctification Sanctification

TrueVinecol  TrueVine


Ordinary 12B – Psalms and Gospel art

Bulletin covers and coloring pages for Ordinary 12B/ Pentecost 4. Subscribers and donors may click, copy, and download as per instructions.

Psalm 9

Psalm 9

Psalm 9

Psalm 107 (alternate psalm)

Psalm 107 bulletin

Psalm 107 coloring Psalm 107 bulletin Psalm 107 coloring Psalm107


Stained Glass type drawing based on medieval church windows of Jesus calming the Storm. Coloring page or B&W bulletin cover also below


Jesus Calms Storm

Coloring page

Jesus Calms the storm

Pentecost and Communion art: Sanctification

The Holy Spirit descending at Pentecost and during Holy Communion. Bulletin art and coloring page.

Subscribers and donors can click on images for bigger sizes to copy & download 🙂



Lent 4B art – John 3:16 and Psalm 107

Lent 4B bulletin art and coloring pages for John 3:16 and Psalm 107. Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use 🙂





Lent 4B

Lent 4B color

Lent 4B bw

Lent 4B purple

Psalm 107 bulletin

Psalm 107 coloring

Psalm 107 bulletin

Psalm 107 coloring

Maundy Thursday Art

Maundy Thursday Art for bulletins and virtual worship online

Cup19 Passion19bwa

Passion19bw Passion19

WindowofOpportunity Breakpointsep

Breakpointbw Impossible

Holy Week 2019 Holy Week 2019

Tenebrae19 Tenebrae 2019

Maundy Maundy Maundy2018bw

Maundy2018col Maundy Moment

Maundy Thursday cover Time Stood Still


MT2016bb MT2016aa

Maundy Thursday
Betrayed Bordered

Forgive HofD

Do This

Cup of Salvation Maundy Thursday

Blood and Tears Maundy Cover

Cup of Salvation Psalm116

New Year Communion art

Some churches like to start the New Year with a Communion service.

Communion/Epiphany Bulletin covers and coloring pages. Portrait & landscape versions.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download 🙂



NY2020Commbw NY2020Comm

NY2020Commbwh NY2020Commh