Ordinary 30B Bulletin Art and coloring pages

Bulletin covers, worship screen images, and coloring pages for Ordinary 30 B – also Proper 25 and Pentecost 22 – Psalm 34 and Mark 10:46-52 (Healing the Blind Man).

Subscribers and donors may copy and download art for use.

(If you subscribe by check, please review the date for your renewal – most churches who do this resubscribe in October, November, and December)

Psalm 34





Psalm 34

Psalm 34bw

Psalm 34v

Psalm 34bwv

Gospel: Mark 10:46-52


Bartimaeus coloring page


Bartimaeus coloring page

Bible cards for Kids

As well as using my art for bulletins and worship screens, I also make Bible verse cards for our church kids. They get these for attending worship on Sundays. The cards are the same size as Baseball team cards – 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Our church kids love collecting them each week.

I produce a template for eight cards on a Word doc page and set the margins to 0.3 inches at top and bottom, and 0.5 inches at left and right. This gives me ample space to fit 8 cards to a space – I also use gridlines to place them and use a tight setting. I then print them on white card and use an office guillotine to cut them. If any subscribers would like an example, just email me and I’ll send you the single Word document. The pictures below show the cards and the template.

Bible cards

Bible card template

Ordinary 21B Art – Psalm 84 and 34

Ordinary 21B art for bulletins, worship screens, and coloring pages.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download.





Psalm 84col

Psalm 84

Psalm 84colh

Psalm 84h



Ordinary 20B bulletin covers and coloring pages: Psalm 111 and John 6

Bulletin covers and coloring pages for this Sunday – Ordinary 20B – Psalm 111 and John 6. Subscribers and donors may copy & download.

Psalm 111col

Psalm 111

Psalm 111colv


Psalm 111v


Abide in Me



Living Bread

Living Bread b&w

Living Bread coloring page

Ordinary 17B Bulletin art – Gospel and Psalm

Bulletin covers and coloring page for Ordinary 17B – John 21 and Psalm 14. Subscribers and donors may copy & download.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes

Psalm 14





Ordinary 16B Psalms art: Psalms 89 & 23

Ordinary 16B (Proper 9 – Pentecost 6) art for bulletins, newsletters, coloring pages, and worship screens. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use.

Psalm 89newcol

Psalm 89new

Psalm 89newcolv

Psalm 89newv

Psalm 23 drawings

Psalm 23

Easter4 Easter4col



Easter 04A


Psalm 23

Ordinary 10B bulletin: Psalm 138

Drawings and coloring pages for Psalm 138 – ordinary 10B psalm. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use.

Psalm 138col Psalm 138

Psalm 138colv

Psalm 138v





Psalm 138 bulletin

Psalm 138

Easter 6B: Gospel and Psalm art

Bulletin art and coloring pages for Easter 6B – John 15:9-17 and Psalm 98:1-9

Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use, as per current instructions.

Easter 6Bhcol

Easter 6Bh



Easter 6Bcol

Easter 6B

Ordinary 4B Bulletin art: Jesus teaches and Psalm 111

Ordinary 4B – Mark 1:21-28 – Jesus teaches in the synagogue at Capernaum and Psalm 111:1-10.

Subscribers and donors my copy & download for use πŸ™‚

Ordy 4Bcol

Ordy 4B

Ordy 4Bcolv

Ordy 4Bv

Psalm 111


Mark 1:21-28 – Jesus teaches in Synagogue at Capernaum

Ordinary 04B

Ordinary 29A bulletin & worship art – Psalm & Gospel

Ordinary 29A art for bulletins, worship screens, websites, videos, and coloring pages. Based on Psalm 99 and the Gospel story in Matthew 22:15-22. Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use πŸ™‚


Psalm 99col

Psalm 99

Psalm 99colv

Psalm 99v

Caesar denarius cover

Caesar Denarius

Caesar denarius