Holy Spirit Art – Spirit for All Seasons

Holy Spirit banner and/or bulletin art – with lectionary season colors in background.

Subscribers and donors can download in various sizes for use.

Spirit for All Seasonsb

Another Pentecost Image: New Spirit

Here’s another new Pentecost image which can be used for bulletins, worship screens, social media pages, banners, and postcards.

Subscribers and donors can copy and download various sizes for use.

New Spirit

Other Pentecost images can be found here: Pentecost

Pentecost art and coloring pages

Pentecost art and coloring pages for bulletins, newsletters, children’s ministry, family sheets, and marketing.

Subscribers and donors can copy and download various sizes.

Pentcomm23col  Pentcomm23 

The Promise  The Promisecolp

SpiritFest22  Pent22cp

SpiritFilled  SpiritFilled

Pentecost Bridge  Pentecost Bridge

SpiritFallcolv  Celtic Flame

Spirit2019  Spirit19

As a Dove  Like a Dove


SOTC col

Pentecost People  Break Out

Pentecost Glass

Pentecost Coloring sheet

Spirit Dancers

Pentecost Art: The Promise

New Pentecost art – The Promise – the Holy Spirit comes to inflame the Church.

Subscribers and donors can download it for use. Other Pentecost art will be created and made available later.

The Promise

The Promisecolp

5 New Spirit drawings

Here are five new Spirit drawings that can be used at any time in the year. They are ideal for virtual worship services, especially during instrumental recordings.

Subscribers and donors can copy & download the art 🙂






Easter 6A – the Promise of the Spirit – John 14

The promise of the Holy Spirit is given by Jesus in John 14:12-21

Easter 6A bulletin covers, worship screens, and coloring pages.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use 🙂

Easter 6Acol

Easter 6A

Easter 6Acolh

Easter 6Ah

The Promise

21 May 17 Promise

21 May 17

Pentecost art – Spirit 2020

Two new art images for Pentecost
Subscribers and donors may copy & download 🙂



Spirit of Christmas by Stushie

Stained glass design for bulletin cover, possibly for Sunday after Christmas

Spirit of Christmas