Pentecost art: Firefall by Stushie

Last Pentecost drawing for the year – bulletin cover and/or worship screen



Pentecost Banner: Doves & Flames by Stushie

Banner type Pentecost drawing

Doves & Flames

Pentecost art – Pentecost 2016

Bulletin art for Pentecost



Pentecost02 - 2016bor

Pentecost02 - 2016

Pentecost 3

Pentecost 3

Pentecost Art: Pentecost Glory by Stushie

The Holy Spirit descends to Earth on the Day of Pentecost

Markers and crayons
Pentecost Glory

Pentecost art: Let The Fire Fall by Stushie

Pentecost Bulletin Cover – Pentecost worship image – Pentecost drawing
Holy Spirit descending on the Earth at Pentecost

Let The Fire Fall