Pentecost Art: Promised One

My latest Pentecost drawing


Pentecost art: Spirit Fall

Pentecost bulletin cover, banner, and coloring page

Spirit Fall

Spirit Fall

Pentecost Art – Spirit Fed

Pentecost bulletin cover or church banner

 Spirit Fed

Pentecost art: Spirit Fest

Bulletin art and coloring page for Pentecost


Spirit Fest

Pentecost art – Spirit Window

Holy Spirit as a dove descending with fire to birth the Church

Spirit window

Spirit Window

Pentecost Banner: Doves & Flames by Stushie

Banner type Pentecost drawing

Doves & Flames

Pentecost art – Pentecost 2016

Bulletin art for Pentecost



Pentecost02 - 2016bor

Pentecost02 - 2016

Pentecost 3

Pentecost 3