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This is just a trial run to see how I can schedule upcoming posts – nothing of importance here.

Ordinary 2A and Epiphany 2A art and coloring pages for the Gospel story – John 1:29-42 (Lamb of God) and Psalm 40.

Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download various sizes for use.

MLK art can be found here: MLK Sunday art

Lambof Godcol

Checks, please :)

Hi Folks, we’re coming into our busy season, so I hope you will enjoy the new images that I’m already preparing for Advent & Christmas. If your church pays its subscriptions by check, could you please look at when it is due? If you need to be reminded of the date, then send me an email to and I’ll get you the information and invoice that you need.

Thanks again for subscribing. God bless all your hopes and plans for the upcoming season!


Pentecost Art for worship

Some of my Pentecost art images for bulletins, worship screens and coloring pages.
Subscribers and donors may click on images for larger versions to copy and download 🙂

You may also find some other Pentecost art images at this link: Pentecost Art by Stushie

You can also view most of my Pentecost drawings ( about 130) at this link:

Pentecost Partyh

Pentecost Bridge Pentecost Bridge PT2020bwv

PT2020h Pentecost Partyh

PT2020bwh Easter 6Ah

Spirit2020 Spirit Comev SpiritFilled

Spirit2020h Peace Prayer

Spiritflow SpiritCome SpiritFilled

Spirit Come Let the Fire Fall

Spirit2019 Pentecost2019 Mungo's Mission

Spirit Filled Pent19

Sun Spirit Sun spiritbw Spirit of Water and Fire

Spirit Fall SpiritFest Spirit 2018

Spirit 2018hz Pentecost 2018