Epiphany 4C art – Ordinary 4C – Psalm 71 and Luke 4:21

Bulletin cover art for Epiphany 4C – Psalm 71 & Luke 4 clip art.
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Epiphany 4C

Epiphany 4CH

Epiphany 4C - Psalm 71

Epiphany 03

Epiphany 3C art – bulletin and coloring page

Epiphany 3C art for bulletins, virtual worship, social media, and coloring pages – Psalm 19 and Luke 4:14-21 Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use.


Psalm 19col

Psalm 19

Psalm 19colsq

Psalm 19sq

Epiphany 3C




Epiphany 3 kids

Epiphany 3c color

Epiphany 3C

Epiphany 03

Epiphany 2: Jesus turns water into wine art

The first miracle of Jesus at the Wedding in Cana – turning water into wine. John 2:1-11.

For church bulletin covers, visual worship screens, social media and blog posts, and coloring pages.

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Epiphany 2 – Jesus turns water into wine – art, bulletin covers, and coloring pages. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use. Details in the menu bar.





Water into Wine art


Epiphany 2


Baptism of the Lord Sunday art

Baptism of the Lord Sunday – bulletin covers, worship screens, coloring pages.

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Lord's Baptismcol

Lord's Baptism

Lord's Baptismcolsq

Lord's Baptismsq

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

baptism coloring sheet



Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

Christmas 2 C bulletin art and coloring page

Gospel and epistle drawings for Christmas 2C. If churches are celebrating Epiphany early, then follow this link for the art: Epiphany.

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John 1:10-18

Christmas 2C Christmas 2Csq//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Ephesians 1 passage for Christmas 2

Bulletin cover and coloring sheet/ B&W cover

Christmas 2C

Christmas 2C

Epiphany Art and coloring pages

New art for Epiphany – which is celebrated on January 6, but some churches may celebrate on Jan 2.

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Epiphany art for bulletin covers, worship screens, and coloring. Subscribers and donors may copy, download, and use the art. Click on the small icon which will take you to larger images.

GiftBringers Magi Good Gifts King Seeker Gifts of the Magi

3 Gifts Woodcut Epiphany3 Woodcut Epiphany1 2014nativity Royal Gifts

Gifts Nativity2010 2015 Epiphany Fit for a King O Worship the King

Christmas Art: Mother Mary by Stushie

Mary and Jesus. Crayons and pens with some digital. Enjoy 🙂

Mother Mary

Christmas Eve Bulletin Art

Art work for Christmas Eve – including this year’s new images – subscribers or donors can click on the art and download for church programs 🙂

Nativity21 Nativity21cp Nativity2021

A Child is Born Mary Knew Momma's Little Star Bundle of Joy Gift of Good News

Roomless Beneath The Stars Almost ThereStar Angel

Bliss Commitment Mary Had A Baby StarsBowDown City of David

Alone Outside Birth of a A Star Star Song Heavenly Peace

Nativity2010 Nativity Nap Time Holy Night Child of Peace Light of the World

Starry Starry Night Arrival Royal Baby MM2 Born Unto Us

Advent 4 bulletin cover, art, and coloring pages

Advent 4 candle drawings for bulletins, worship screens, newsletters, virtual services, marketing, and videos. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download for use. You can also check out my full Advent Candle album of drawings on Flickr at this link: Advent.

ADVT2104  ADVT2104L


ADVC20194  2019 Advent 4

Advent 4 candles  Advent 4 2015


Advent 4-2014  04 Love col

Advent 4 whirl  Advent 4

Advent 4  Advent 4

04 Love  Advent 4

2015 Advent 4  Art Nouveau Advent 4

Christmas Eve Bulletin art – Nativity art

This year’s Christmas Eve bulletin art – created with pens, crayons, and some digital.

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