Ordinary 19A – Psalm art

Bulletin covers, coloring pages, worship screen art for Psalm 85 – lectionary psalm for ordinary 19A. Subscribers and donors my copy & download for use. πŸ™‚

Psalm 85

Psalm 85

Psalm 85colv

Psalm 85v

Ordinary 18A – Psalm and Gospel art

Bulletin covers, worship screens, and coloring pages for this week’s Psalm and Gospel lessons: Psalm 17 and Matthew 14:13-21. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use πŸ™‚

Psalm 17

Psalm 17colh

Psalm 17cph

Psalm 17

Matthew 14:13-21

Matthew 14

Matthew 14col

Matthew 14colp

Church Coloring Pages

A lot of churches are using coloring pages to help both children and adults draw closer to God. During this time when most churches are closed, creative congregations are finding ways of emailing, share screening, and communicating the faith with Bible pages to color at home. Church kids are also using some of my downloaded drawings to color with crayons and then they are uploaded and shared with the rest of the congregation. It’s a wonderful way to keep families connected; it’s a great gift to share via newsletters, virtual worship, Facebook pages, and church websites.

I’ve managed to put together almost 300 drawings based on Bible passages & verses. Churches can easily subscribe and augment their family ministries, as well as some adult meditation classes. As you can see from the samples below, the pages are easy to download and share with church families and their kids. Each week, I try to create a new page that can be colored.

Enjoy πŸ™‚


Ordinary 17 A – Psalm 105 art

Psalm art and coloring pages for Ordinary 17A.

Coloring pages are great ways of teaching the faith to our church kids and their families, especially during this time of pandemic isolation πŸ™‚
Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use.

Psalm 105 v 2

Psalm 105

Psalm 105 v 2

Psalm 105



Ordinary 16 A – Psalm 139 art

Bulletin cover, worship screen art, and coloring pages for Psalm 139

Β Psalm 139


Psalm 139


Psalm 139



Ordinary 15A – Psalm and Gospel art

Art and coloring pages for Psalm 119 & the Parable of the Sower.
Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use πŸ™‚

Β Psalm 119col

Psalm 119

Psalm 119colv

The Sower

The Sower

Ordinary 14A art – Psalm & Gospel and July 4 artwork

Alternate Psalm 145 and Matthew 11 drawings

Β Ord 14Ah

Ord 14Av



July 4 artwork

Freedom Day

Liberty Lights


Freedom Lights

Ordinary 13A Lectionary art

Psalm and Gospel drawings & coloring pages for this week’s lectionary

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use πŸ™‚

Psalm 13

Psalm 13hinv

Psalm 13h

Psalm 13hinvV

Psalm 13v

Ordinary 13A – Gospel of Matthew 10:24-33

02 July 17

Worship screen image

Sin Bearer

Sin Bearer

Sin Bearer