Pentecost art – Spirit Come

New Pentecost images & coloring pages
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Spirit Come


Spirit Comev


Pentecost Art and clip art

Some newer ones will be added soon, as well as a few coloring sheets 🙂

Pentecost art for churches, bulletins, newsletters, and power-points. Click on the image to go to the relevant Flickr page where subscribing churches can download images of different sizes.

Pentecost People Spirit Dancers Break Out
Pentecost Paraklesis Pentecost Mandala Pentecost Power
Pentecost Trinity Pentecost Banner Pentecost Dawn
Come Holy Spirit Free Fall Happy Birthday
Stained Glass Seochan Sacred Flame Sacred Spirit
After the Fire Let The Fire Fall Free Spirit
Caingis Esprit Nouveau Aflame
Spirit Window Heaven Came Down Promise
Spirit Guide Connections Spirit-T
Pentecost Blessing Heaven Sent The Promise
Spirit Spectrum Promised One SpiritoftheCelts

Celtic Pentecost art: Spirit of the Celts

Celtic depiction of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Bulletin cover


Coloring page

SOTC col

Pentecost Art: Spirit Descending by Stushie

Holy Spirit descending on the Upper Room on Pentecost


Holy Spirit art: Connections by Stushie

The work of the Holy Spirit is to connect the world to God in Christ.


Pentecost art: Sacred Flame by Stushie

The Holy Spirit descends to Earth – digital glass design for bulletins and worship

Sacred Flame

Pentecost art – Heaven Sent by Stushie

Holy Spirit descends to earth as promised by Christ

Heaven Sent

Pentecost bulletin art: Pentecost People by Stushie

Fiery tongues of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples at Pentecost in the Upper Room (Acts 2)

Pentecost People