Easter Sunday art: Son Dance by Stushie

Easter Sunday art for bulletins, screensavers, and virtual worship services.

Originally drawn with crayons and some digital.

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Son Dance

Ordinary 15A – Psalm and Gospel art

Art and coloring pages for Psalm 119 & the Parable of the Sower.
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ย Psalm 119col

Psalm 119

Psalm 119colv

The Sower

The Sower

Easter 7A art – John 17:1-11 & Psalm 68

John 17:1-11 art, bulletin cover, worship screensaver, and coloring pages for Easter 7A. Psalm 68 image also.
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Easter 7Acol

Easter 7A

Easter 7Acolh

28 May 17 Hands

28 May 17 Hands bw

Psalm 68


Pentecost Art: Pentecost Party

Pentecost – celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit ๐Ÿ™‚

Pentecost Party

Pentecost Partyh

Easter 6A – the Promise of the Spirit – John 14

The promise of the Holy Spirit is given by Jesus in John 14:12-21

Easter 6A bulletin covers, worship screens, and coloring pages.

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Easter 6Acol

Easter 6A

Easter 6Acolh

Easter 6Ah

The Promise

21 May 17 Promise

21 May 17

Easter 4A – Good Shepherd & Psalm 23

Bulletin covers, screensavers, and coloring pages for Easter 4A
John 10 art, Psalm 23 art, Good Shepherd art
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Psalm 23





Easter 04A

Easter Sunday Art

Easter Sunday images for bulletins, worships screen, and live stream services

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BrightStar Easter Mandala

Celebration Highland Dawn

Something Happened

Day Break DayBreak

A New Dawn

Passion Easter2019col

Easter 2018

Celtic Dawn Resurrection2017

Sacred Son Rise bordered

Begin Again2 Begin Again

Empty Sky

Beyond the Cross CelticResurrection


Easter2014 Star Fall

Rising Star

Son Rise

Liberty Sunrise Red Dawn

Empty Tomb

Like a Rolling Stone... Easter Sonrise

Epiphany art & coloring pages

New Epiphany art & coloring pages for this coming year.

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Thank You, Subscribers :)

Thank You, Subscribers ๐Ÿ˜Š

Iโ€™d like to write โ€œthank youโ€ to all the churches and individuals who subscribe to my art. I really appreciate the support. As well as enabling me to purchase materials, pay web fees and taxes, and update equipment, you allow me to support several important non-profit groups. Those include my church, but Iโ€™d also like you to know some of the ones I choose to help.

The first is Sunset Gap, which is a much-needed ministry and mission in the Appalachians near to where I live. The Gap provides food for over 250 families each week, as well as maintaining a thrift store, and helping the local people throughout the year with education, programs, and counsel. Itโ€™s a wonderful mission that you can read about here on its Facebook page: Sunset Gap.

Another mission I support is New Hope for Guatemala. It is a unique mission that focuses on education for young children and youth in Guatemala. Several schools are funded and staffed by the mission which has an amazing graduation rate of its students. It is led by one of my friends in ministry, Andrew Lovell, and he is dedicated to educating the young people under his care in order to help them rise up from poverty and establish themselves in worthwhile careers.

You can read about this great ministry on its website: New Hope for Guatemala.

Another non-profit I regularly support is KIVA. This organization provides loans to farmers, groups, and store owners all over the world. The loans are sponsored by donors and provide the seed money for old and new businesses to develop and start-up in deprived areas of the world. It enables the recipients to pay back the donations on a monthly basis over a pre-agreed time (usually 12-18 months) which means that they receive help but also maintain their dignity.

You can find more information on the website at Kiva.org.

So, your subscriptions help many people and I am grateful for the opportunity your support gives to me in giving back to others. God bless you all.

John Stuart aka Stushie


Christmas Angel art and coloring pages

Christmas Angel bulletin covers, clip art, and coloring pages for postcards, banners, newsletters, and church workshop events during Advent.

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Annunciation Annunciation Glad Tidings

MM2 Messenger Messenger Mandala

Messenger of the Miracle Angel2016 Good News