Maundy Thursday Art, Bulletins, and coloring pages

Art for Maundy Thursday of Holy Week – for bulletins, postcards, worship screens, and coloring. Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use.

MT22  MT22bw

MT2020  Cup of Salvation

Maundy Thursday cover  Cup19

Breakpoint  Breakpointsep

Tenebrae 2019  Tenebrae19

Breakpoint  TNB2019

Maundy2018bw  MTcoloring

Betrayed Bordered

Maundy Thursday



Christmas Art: Mother Mary by Stushie

Mary and Jesus. Crayons and pens with some digital. Enjoy 🙂

Mother Mary

Advent 2 art for bulletins, newsletters and coloring pages

Advent 2 candle drawings for bulletins, worship screens, newsletters, virtual services, marketing, and videos. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download for use 🙂

You can also check out my full Advent Candle album of drawings on Flickr at this link: Advent. I will be posting the other two Advent candle weeks soon.

ADVT2102 ADVT2102P

ADVC20192 2019 Advent 2

Advent 2 candles Advent 2 2015


Advent 2-2014 02 Peace col

Advent 2 whirl Advent 2

Advent 2 Advent 2

02 Peace Advent 2

2015 Advent 2 ADV02

Advent Bulletins – new 2021 series

Advent Bulletins 2021 Two new series of Advent bulletins.

Subscribers and donors can copy and download for use.











Lectionary Art Year C – 2021-2022

This is a work in progress. I’ll add new pieces of art throughout the Lectionary Year. Annual subscribers and donors may copy & download the art for their own use.

Year C

This Week’s art: November 21 – Christ the King Sunday

Nov 28       Advent 1 C              Dec 05     Advent 2 C

Dec 12       Advent 3 C              Dec 19    Advent 4C

Blue Christmas art

Christmas Eve  – Christ Candle art

Christmas Eve/Day – Nativity art

Dec 26 – Christmas 1C       Jan 01 – Happy New year

Jan 02 – Christmas 2C

Jan 06 Epiphany        Jan 09– Baptism of the Lord

Jan 16 – Epiphany 2     MLK Day

 Jan 23 – Epiphany 3C

Jan 30 Epiphany 4C

Feb 06 Epiphany 5C      Feb 13 Epiphany 6C

Feb 20 Epiphany 7    Feb 27 – Transfiguration Sunday

Lent begins                Mar 2 – Ash Wednesday

March 06 – Lent 01      March 13 – Lent 2C

Mar 20 Lent 03           Mar 27  Lent 04

April 3  Lent 05

Holy Week

Apr 10   Palm Sunday

Apr 14   Tenebrae/Maundy Thursday

Apr 15   Good Friday

Apr 17    Easter

April 24 Easter 2              May 1  Easter 3C

May 08 Easter 4C             May 15 Easter 5c

May 22 Easter 6C       May 26 Ascension Day

May 29 Easter 7 & Memorial Day

Jun 05 Pentecost                   June 12 Trinity

June 19 Ordinary 12C      June 26 – Ordinary 13C

July 03 Ordinary 14C        July 10 ordinary 15C

July 17 Ordinary 16C         July 24 Ordinary 17C

July 31 – Ordinary 18C        August 07 – Ordinary 19C

August 14 – Ordinary 20C     August 21 – Ordinary 21C

Aug 28 – Ordinary 22C      Sept 04 Ordinary 23C

Sept 11 Ordinary 24C             Sep 14 Holy Cross

September 18 – Ordinary25C        Sept 25 Ordinary 26C

Oct 2 Ord 27C & World Communion Sunday         Oct 09 Ordinary 28C

Oct 16 Ordinary 29C         Oct 23 Ordinary 30C

Oct 30 Ordinary 31c               Nov 1 All Saints

Nov 06 – Ordinary 32 C

Nov 13 Ordinary 33          Nov 20 Christ the King Sunday

Year A begins

Nov 27 Advent 1A                 Dec 04 Advent 2A

Dec 11  Advent 3A                 Dec 18 Advent 4A

Ordinary 21B Art – Psalm 84 and 34

Ordinary 21B art for bulletins, worship screens, and coloring pages.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download.





Psalm 84col

Psalm 84

Psalm 84colh

Psalm 84h



Good Friday art: Day of darkness

Good Friday art: Day of Darkness – by His stripes we are healed.

Crayons, paper sculpting, and some digital.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use.

Day of Darkness

Ordinary 4B Bulletin art: Jesus teaches and Psalm 111

Ordinary 4B – Mark 1:21-28 – Jesus teaches in the synagogue at Capernaum and Psalm 111:1-10.

Subscribers and donors my copy & download for use 🙂

Ordy 4Bcol

Ordy 4B

Ordy 4Bcolv

Ordy 4Bv

Psalm 111


Mark 1:21-28 – Jesus teaches in Synagogue at Capernaum

Ordinary 04B

Christmas Candles – art for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Two drawings that can be used for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day. Ideal for worship bulletins, screens, virtual services, postcards and marketing. Subscribers and donors can copy & download for use 🙂




Ordinary 30A art – Gospel and psalm

Bulletin art for Ordinary 30A – can also be used for worship screens and virtual worship services. Coloring pages also for kids and church folks.

Matthew 22:34-46 art <p>

Love wins col


Love wins


Love wins colv


Love winsv

Reformation Sunday art and coloring pages for bulletins. Psalm 90 art for lectionary bulletins.

Reformation 500 bulletin

Reformation 500 coloring page

Reformation 500 bulletin

Reformation 500 coloring page

Psalm 90

Psalm 90 art

Psalm 90 art for bulletin