Trinity Sunday art: Trinity 2017

Trinity Sunday bulletin cover and worship screensaver


Blue Trinity


Ash Wednesday bulletin cover

Two bulletin covers for Ash Wednesday. Subscriptional Churches can add their own text 🙂


Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday

Advent Art – Week 2 by Stushie

Advent Candles drawings for Week 2

Advent 2-2014 Advent 2 2015

2016 Advent 02h

2016 Advent 02 2015 Advent 2

Advent Candles Week 2

Advent 2 - 2014 ADVT02

Advent 2 color

ADV02 Advent 02

Advent 2

Advent 2

Bible art: “Let There Be Light” by Stushie

The sacred moment of Creation

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light b