Ordinary 17B Bulletin art – Gospel and Psalm

Bulletin covers and coloring page for Ordinary 17B – John 21 and Psalm 14. Subscribers and donors may copy & download.

Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes

Psalm 14





Ordinary 16B Psalms art: Psalms 89 & 23

Ordinary 16B (Proper 9 – Pentecost 6) art for bulletins, newsletters, coloring pages, and worship screens. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use.

Psalm 89newcol

Psalm 89new

Psalm 89newcolv

Psalm 89newv

Psalm 23 drawings

Psalm 23

Easter4 Easter4col



Easter 04A


Psalm 23

Ordinary 14B art and July 4 art

Ordinary 14B

Bulletin covers and other art for Ordinary 14b – Psalms 48 & 123, as well as some 4th July drawings.

Also known as proper 9 or Pentecost 6. Subscribers and donors can download for use – see sidebar for details.

Links to Sundays in July art is at the bottom of this post.

Psalm 48 cover

Psalm 48 Psalm048


Freedom Lights Lib2017 Liberty Lights

Art for Sundays in July (just click the links – new material will be added weekly )

July 04       Ordinary 14B    July 11       Ordinary 15B art

July 18       Ordinary 16B    July 25       Ordinary 17B

Ordinary 12B – Psalms and Gospel art

Bulletin covers and coloring pages for Ordinary 12B/ Pentecost 4. Subscribers and donors may click, copy, and download as per instructions.

Psalm 9

Psalm 9

Psalm 9

Psalm 107 (alternate psalm)

Psalm 107 bulletin

Psalm 107 coloring Psalm 107 bulletin Psalm 107 coloring Psalm107


Stained Glass type drawing based on medieval church windows of Jesus calming the Storm. Coloring page or B&W bulletin cover also below


Jesus Calms Storm

Coloring page

Jesus Calms the storm

Psalms Art Image Links

Image links to all of the Psalms’ art drawings I have made over the years which can be used as covers for psalms sermon series, greeting cards, websites, Facebook pages, bookmarks, Bible verse cards, or posters. Subscribers and donors can just click on the link to be taken to the Psalm page where different sizes are available. I’ve also added this as a page link on the top menu.

Psalm 01          Psalm 01          Psalm 01          Psalm 01

Psalm 04          Psalm 08          Psalm 09          Psalm 13

Psalm 14          Psalm 15          Psalm 16          Psalm 16

Psalm 17          Psalm 19          Psalm 19          Psalm 19

Psalm 19          Psalm 20          Psalm 20          Psalm 20

Psalm 23          Psalm 23          Psalm 23          Psalm 23

Psalm 23          Psalm 23          Psalm 24          Psalm 26

Psalm 27          Psalm 27          Psalm 29          Psalm 30

Psalm 34          Psalm 34          Psalm 34          Psalm 40

Psalm 40          Psalm 48          Psalm 50          Psalm 51

Psalm 52          Psalm 54          Psalm 62          Psalm 63

Psalm 67          Psalm 67          Psalm 71          Psalm 71

Psalm 80          Psalm 84          Psalm 85          Psalm 86

Psalm 89          Psalm 91          Psalm 91          Psalm 97

Psalm 98          Psalm 98          Psalm 99          Psalm 100

Psalm 100        Psalm 105        Psalm 105        Psalm 105

Psalm 105        Psalm 106        Psalm 106        Psalm 106

Psalm 107        Psalm 107        Psalm 114        Psalm 116

Psalm 118        Psalm 119        Psalm 119        Psalm 124

Psalm 124        Psalm 124        Psalm 124        Psalm 125

Psalm 125        Psalm 127        Psalm 128        Psalm 129

Psalm 132        Psalm 133        Psalm 134        Psalm 136

Psalm 137        Psalm 138        Psalm 138        Psalm 138

Psalm 138        Psalm 139        Psalm 139        Psalm 145

Psalm 145        Psalm 146        Psalm 146        Psalm 148

Psalm 148        Psalm 148        Psalm 148        Psalm 149

Psalm 149        Psalm 149        Psalm 150

Ordinary 11B bulletin: Psalm 20 & 92 art

Psalm 20 drawings and coloring pages for Ordinary 11B.
Subscribers and donors may click to copy and download, as per subscription instructions.

Psalm 20col

Psalm 20

Psalm 20colv

Psalm 20v



Ordinary 10B bulletin: Psalm 138

Drawings and coloring pages for Psalm 138 – ordinary 10B psalm. Subscribers and donors may copy and download for use.

Psalm 138col Psalm 138

Psalm 138colv

Psalm 138v





Psalm 138 bulletin

Psalm 138

Trinity Art for bulletins and coloring pages

Trinity images for church bulletins, worship screens, and coloring pages.

Subscribers and donors can copy & download for use.

Trinity21col Trinity21bw Trinity21colh Trinity21bwh

TNY2020v Trinity2020v

Eternal Mystery of Trinity EMTbw

Trinity2018colv Trinity2018bwv

BlueTrinity17 Trinity Sunday 2

TS01 Trinity Spirit Trinity2017

Triune Heart of the Universe b

Pentecost art and coloring pages for bulletins and churches

Pentecost art and coloring pages. Subscribers and donors can click on the images to copy and download various sizes for  use.







Some of my other Pentecost art images for bulletins, worship screens and coloring pages.
Subscribers and donors may click on images for larger versions to copy and download 🙂

You may also find some other Pentecost art images at this link: Pentecost Art by Stushie

You can also view most of my Pentecost drawings ( about 130) at this link:

Pentecost Partyh

Pentecost Bridge Pentecost Bridge PT2020bwv

PT2020h Pentecost Partyh

PT2020bwh Easter 6Ah

Spirit2020 Spirit Comev SpiritFilled

Spirit2020h Peace Prayer

Spiritflow SpiritCome SpiritFilled

Spirit Come Let the Fire Fall

Spirit2019 Pentecost2019 Mungo's Mission

Spirit Filled Pent19

Sun Spirit Sun spiritbw Spirit of Water and Fire

Spirit Fall SpiritFest Spirit 2018

Spirit 2018hz Pentecost 2018