Christmas Angel art and coloring pages

Christmas Angel bulletin covers, clip art, and coloring pages for postcards, banners, newsletters, and church workshop events during Advent.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use 🙂

Annunciation Annunciation Glad Tidings

MM2 Messenger Messenger Mandala

Messenger of the Miracle Angel2016 Good News

Christmas Eve Bulletin – Nativity art

New Christmas Eve Bulletin covers and coloring page. Nativity art.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use 🙂




Advent bulletins: Candles

Working on a simple series of Advent bulletin covers and coloring sheets

01 Hope col

01 Hope

02 Peace col

02 Peace

Advent 3 Joy

Advent 3 Joy

Advent Art – Week 4 by Stushie

Advent Art Week 4 Bulletins & coloring sheets

Advent 4-2014 Advent 4 2015

2016 Advent 04h

2016 Advent 04 2015 Advent 4

Advent Candles Week 4

Advent 4 - 2014 ADVT04

Advent 4 color

Mackintosh Advent Advent 04

Advent 4

Advent 4