Religious Art : A Vision for Pentecost:

Based upon a recent vision that I had on a retreat…

Spirit Catcher Vision

4 thoughts on “Religious Art : A Vision for Pentecost:

  1. Hello John,
    I came across this image on my friend Stanley Groothof’s blog. I would love to use it in our biweekly Christian newspaper, Christian Courier, in an upcoming feature on Pentecost. I’m the features editor. You can find us at We pay a small honorarium (very small) for the use of photography and/or images. Please contact me at for further details.

    Thanks for pursuing your gift. Your work is delightful and sensitive.

    Cathy Smith

    1. Thanks Cathy. I appreciate your kind words. I’d be delighted to have you and your magazine use my images for those purposes. God bless your ministry.

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