Religious Art: Psalm 81


4 thoughts on “Religious Art: Psalm 81

  1. Hi! I am the art director for Horizons, the magazine of Presbyterian Women. I love your art and would like to use the image for Psalm 22 in our July/August issue. Please contact me at your earliest convenience through email.


    Laura Lee
    PW Art Director
    Presbyterian Church USA

  2. Hello Artist Stushie
    I am the founder and director of happy hour, the contemporary Christian band here at Holy Trinity Church in Dallas Texas. We have our 7th annual concert on 11/22 for which I was wondering if you would let use the image from Psalm 81 with the shofar and the moon for our concert poster, worship aides and CD cover. The name of this year’s concert is Cry the Gospel after one of the songs we’ll be performing. Last year’s concert was Make Your Own Kind of Music for which our artist volunteered her time to create an image that mirrored the flower motive found on Cass Eliot’s dress when she did it on the Sammy Davis Jr. show. It was really awesome. The fifth annual CD, poster and worship aid unveiled our new logo and slogan “rock on, pray on” and we blew it up and used as the title. That was also the first year we started recording our concerts.
    Thanks so much for your consideration.
    Augustine Jalomo

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