Appalachian art: Snowing in Heaven by Stushie

Babcock Mill, West Virginia – just like the song says -“Almost Heaven”

Snowing in Heaven

3 thoughts on “Appalachian art: Snowing in Heaven by Stushie

  1. The Ash Wednesday wonder you captured reminds me of the wee book by Raoul Plus “Dust Remember Thou Art Splendour”. It’s lovely how you have conveyed that so well – – May we use the palm and hand picture for our intergenerational walk through holy week at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa?

    1. Thanks Dawn. I appreciate your kind comments. I usually charge a nominal $25 fee for the use of images. For this you get a high definition of the image sent electronically for printing plus a signed limited edition of an 8×10 print with 11×14 matte. This can be framed and put on display at the church, or even auctioned off to raise money for a specific charity or church project. let me know what you would like to do. Thanks.

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