Annual Subscriptions to Stushie art


A high number of my annual subscribers renew their subscription at this time of year. I appreciate this because I put many hours into creating, uploading, and posting new artwork each year.

If you’re following my art and using it, or have downloaded my art and are still using it, please note that the annual subscription is for unlimited use of my art while the subscription is still current. 🙂

Thanks again for your support. God bless you all.

Annual subscriptions for using the drawings can be found at this link: Subscriptions

Donation link for one use of an image can be found here: Donations.

If you have any questions about using the images, please send me an email to

4 thoughts on “Annual Subscriptions to Stushie art

  1. Please be sure that FBC Madison AL is current. The last I checked with our financial secretary Katrina Street you were going to bill us and we send a check. Feel free to call if we are not current.
    (256) 772-9712
    First Baptist Madison
    Attention: Katrina Street
    4257 Sullivan Street
    Madison, AL 35758
    Thank you!

  2. I’m so grateful to have found your work around this time last year. Over the past year, we’ve used your art for bulletin covers for Advent/Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, and Pentecost. I love your work! It’s so convenient to download your work and print in-house – and I like your art so much better than commercially available bulletin covers. The annual subscription is well worth the cost!

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