Ordinary 16B bulletin art – Psalms

Psalm 89 and Psalm 23 art work

Psalm 89v

Psalm 89



Easter 04A


Psalm 23

2 thoughts on “Ordinary 16B bulletin art – Psalms

  1. Hello!

    This is the minister at St. Mark’s in Eastmain, QC.

    I’m wondering if we have to renew?

    Please let me know. It slipped my mind.

    I’m going on vacation Mon, July 23, so if I could know before Friday this week that would be good.

    Thank you,

    Agnes Flam 😀

  2. Hi Agnes, thanks for the message. You’re subscribed until the end of November of this year. Thanks for the subscription. Paypal will send you a reminder nearer the time. God bless and have a great vacation 🙂

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