Trinity Sunday art

The Eternal Mystery of Trinity

Bulletin covers and coloring page

(To view more Trinity bulletins, visit this link: TrinityArt )

Eternal Mystery of Trinity



2 thoughts on “Trinity Sunday art

  1. Oh my goodness. So beautiful. Can you list the many images here for the Trinity? Thought I’d play a guessing game with our parishioners. I spy: Bread Cup Dove Nail-scarred hands Shell (representing baptism of Jesus) Heart Bell (represent something particular?) Scrolls/Word of God Eternal Flame? Any others?

    Can you tell me which of these are specifically for the FATHER? Thank you so much! This piece is incredible!!

    Our church is new to Trinity Sunday and these incredible artwork of symbols would be good introduction for them (us). Thank you, Rev. Stewart!

    Rev. MJ Gessner First Baptist Madison, AL

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