Advent 1 art – Advent Candles

Advent 1 candle drawings for bulletins, worship screens, newsletters, virtual services, marketing, and videos. Subscribers and donors can click, copy, and download for use 🙂

You can also check out my full Advent Candle album of drawings on Flickr at this link: Advent. I will be posting the other three Advent candle weeks soon.

ADVC20191  2019 Advent 1

Advent 1 candle  Advent 1 2015


Advent 1-2014  01 Hope col

Advent 1 whirl  Advent 1

Advent 1  Advent 1

01 Hope  Advent 01

2015 Advent 1  ADV01

One thought on “Advent 1 art – Advent Candles

  1. Dear John,

    Thank you for sending me a lovely note and the “Advent Candles” art. Beautiful….Perfect!.

    Your art work continues to “grow” in every way possible. The art work on the card you sent me was beautiful. The best yet!

    I am grateful for the mail and my computer messages that I receive about and/or from Erin Church. I miss the Sunday mornings at Erin Church very much…everything about it. However, I understand and know my doctor is correct when he told me, “You must not go out of your house; and do not let anyone in your house.” (I believe part of it has to do with my age). However, I am glad and grateful to have Erin’s Sunday morning program, sent to me each week, and it is tremendous that I can receive the service via computer. I do pick up groceries, that I have ordered via computer, from the nearby Krogers, who will place the food in the back of my van. Actually Kroger would deliver to my home if asked, but that’s about my only time out of the house …and, of course, I do not get out of the car….but can see people! I do walk out to my mailbox every day to pick up the daily paper and mail.

    I continue to be grateful to and for Erin Church, my family, neighbors, friends, along with the mail service, telephone, and computer!

    At my age, I feel lucky…. and this is good.


    > From: Stushie Art > Subject: [New post] Advent 1 art – Advent Candles > Date: November 26, 2020 at 11:40:56 AM EST > To: bettebrasher > Reply-To: Stushie Art > >

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