Advent 3 Church bulletins

Some Advent candle images for Advent 3. Click on the thumbprint icon to take you to the Flickr portal where other sizes can be found. NB images can be used by annual subscribers or a donation can be given for an individual image. See right-hand sidebar for details 🙂

Advent 3 Advent 3 candles Advent 3 2015 Advent 3 Joy Advent 3 whirl 2018Grids3

Advent 3 spiral Advent 3 arch Advent 3 box Advent 3

Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 Advent 3 - 2014


Christmas Eve art: Roomless by Stushie

Joseph and Mary wander the streets of Bethlehem. Crayons, paper sculpting, and some digital.


Blue Christmas Bulletin – Longest Night Bulletin

Bulletin cover and coloring page for Blue Christmas services, also known as the Longest Night.

Blue Christmas Candle

Blue Christmas

Advent Candles – Landscape Bulletins

A selection of my Advent Candles art in landscape form – box, spiral, arch, and banner sets

Advent 1 box Advent 2 box

Advent 3 box Advent 4 box

Christ Candle box Advent 1 spiral

Advent 2 spiral Advent 3 spiral

Advent 4 spiral Advent 5 spiral

Advent 1 arch Advent 2 arch

Advent 3 arch Advent 4 arch

Christ Candle arch Advent 1

Advent 2 bulletin Advent 3

Advent 4 Advent Christ Candle

Remembrance & Veterans Day art

New stained glass window design for Remembrance & Veterans’ Day on Nov 11


Other images


Memorial Candle

Remembrance Day

Ordinary 32B Bulletin cover art

Psalms & Gospel

Psalm 127

Psalm 127b

Psalm 127vb

Psalm 146



Gospel – Widow’s Mite

32B - Mites colb