Chess art: Tri-Colored Knight by Stushie

Chess knight drawing – my first for 2014…:)

Tri-colored Knight

Christmas Eve art: Little Prince of Peace by Stushie

Nativity manger scene

Little Prince of Peace

Christmas eve art: the outsiders by Stushie

Joseph and Mary taking refuge at the manger

The Outsiders

Christmas tree art: Window tree by Stushie

Stained glass version of a Christmas tree

Window Tree

Communion art: Sunrise, Sunset by Stushie

Sunrise Sunset

Christmas art: Mighty Messengers

two Christmas angels

Mighty Messengers

Christmas Angel art: Messenger Mandala by Stushie

A stained glass design of a Christmas angel. In the style of a mandala which is a labyrinth drawing – start at any outside square and follow the path into the middle…:)

Messenger Mandala