Christmas art: Mighty Messengers

two Christmas angels

Mighty Messengers

Christmas Angel art: Messenger Mandala by Stushie

A stained glass design of a Christmas angel. In the style of a mandala which is a labyrinth drawing – start at any outside square and follow the path into the middle…:)

Messenger Mandala

Pentecost Bulletin art: 2013 series by Stushie

My current Pentecost drawing series

2013 Pentecost series

pentecost drawing: Pentecost Banner by Stushie

Holy Spirit descending as a dove against a background of the four liturgical church colors

Pentecost Banner

Pentecost Banner design: Spirit by Stushie

This drawing may make a great worship banner or even a quilt…:)


Christian art: Rainbow Cross

mandala designed Celtic Cross

Bulletin version


Landscape version
Rainbow Cross

Easter Art: Holy Week Tuesday – Washed with tears

Holy Week Tuesday – the woman who washed Christ’s feet with her hair. I like the carpet effect of the picture which symbolizes people walking all over her.

Washed with Tears

Religious Art: Tree of Life

A simple stained glass design of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Religious Art: Winter Quilt

Christmas is just around the corner…as well as the first snows

Winter Quilt