Stushie art: Roses for Sherry – Lenten Roses

Lenten roses – enjoy

Roses for Sherry

Ash Wednesday Clip art: Ash Wednesday by Stushie

Ash Wednesday bulletin cover/drawing – charcoal type drawing

Ash Wednesday

Stushie art: Old Lamp

An old kerosene lamp lit up at a window just after dusk.


Pentecost Bulletin art: Free Spirit by Stushie

Sometimes you gotta draw when the Spirit says “Draw!”

Free Spirit

Christmas art: Star Song by Stushie

Nativity scene with the Northern Lights in the sky along with the Natal Star

Star Song

Autumn Art – Autumn Magic by Stushie

Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge parkway, Virginia

Autumn Magic

Chinese Dragon art: Cosmic Dragon by Stushie

Cosmic Dragon for the Chinese New Year…it might also make a great T-shirt…:)

Cosmic Dragon

Nativity art: Small Town Miracle by Stushie

nativity scene 2011

Small Town Miracle

October art: Stushie art

October was a great month to be creative