Snowman art: Star of Wonder by Stushie

A Jolly snowman looking up at the starry winter sky

Star of Wonder

Red Schoolhouse in Snow by Stushie

Iconic red schoolhouse during snowfall.

Red Schoolhouse in Snow

Little Red Schoolhouse by Stushie

A delightful Fall picture of a country school. I will be adding snow tomorrow to winterize the scene. Both Fall and winter prints will be available…:) Enjoy!

Little Red School

Farm art – Chantecler Morning by Stushie

A rooster and his hen beside a Red Barn…:)

Chanticler Morning

Sandy Hook: Life is Precious by Stushie

Where there is no sanctity of Life, there is no sanity among the living.
Until all life is considered precious, all life will be precarious. – John Stuart aka Stushie

Life is Precious

Carousel art: Carnival Ponies by Stushie

Several carnival ponies on a winter carousel

Carnival Ponies

Fall art: Smoky Mountain Morning

Sunlight and morning mist along with the Fall colors of the Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountain Morning

Surfing art: Cosmic Surfer by Stushie

I love drawing surf pictures…:)

Cosmic Surfer