Ordinary 29a bulletin cover – Caesar denarius

Bulletin covers & coloring page for Gospel reading Matthew 22:15-22

Caesar denarius cover

Caesar Denarius

Caesar denarius

Palm Sunday Art: Hosanna! by Stushie

Palm Sunday art – bulletin cover and coloring page, Clicking on the links will take you to my Flickr pages where subscribing churches can download different sized images.

Palm Sunday Bulletin


Palm Sunday Coloring Page


Good Friday art: ‘Father Forgive” by Stushie

Christ on the Cross. Another in my 2014 Holy Week series
Father Forgive

Holy Week art: Raising of Lazarus

Lazarus raised from the dead by Christ’s command


Good Friday art – Tormented Sky by Stushie

They say that the whole of Creation was writhing in anger and agony, on that dreadful and terrible Day.

Tormented Sky

MLK Clip art: Dream Darer by Stushie

Dr Martin Luther King’s legacy is still alive today

Dare Dreamer

Holy Week art: Star of Gethsemane by Stushie

Art for Maundy Thursday and Tenebrae

Star of Gethsemane

Eyes puffed with tears,
Blood mingled with sweat,
As Christ accepts
God’s will for Him.

Christmas nativity art: Mumbai Madonna

What if Christ had been born in the slums of Mumbai, India?

Mumbai Madonna

Christian poster: More than we can handle by Stushie

For when we all carry too much….

Carrying Me