Holy Week art: Star of Gethsemane by Stushie

Art for Maundy Thursday and Tenebrae

Star of Gethsemane

Eyes puffed with tears,
Blood mingled with sweat,
As Christ accepts
God’s will for Him.

Christmas nativity art: Mumbai Madonna

What if Christ had been born in the slums of Mumbai, India?

Mumbai Madonna

Christian poster: More than we can handle by Stushie

For when we all carry too much….

Carrying Me

Nativity art: Royal Baby by Stushie

Nativity scene made from paper sculpting and crayons

Royal Baby

Good Friday art: Sin Bearer by Stushie

Christ carrying my sins for me

Sin Bearer

Good Friday art: Vicarious Victory by Stushie

Christ on the Cross based on one of my favorite pieces of art by the Spanish painter velasquez

Vicarious Victory

Good Friday art – Psalm 129 by Stushie

Back to my Psalms project – can also be sued as a bulletin cover/clip art for Good Friday