Christ Icon art: Iconic King by Stushie

Christ the Redeemer on Good Friday – crayons and some digital

Iconic King

Good Friday Art

These are some of my Good Friday drawings. I will add to them continuously. Click on the image to take you to a larger version which can be copied or downloaded. If you need any help or a larger jpg, please send me an email to Please mention the name of the drawing in your message.

Here is another page with more icons and links to my many other Good Friday drawings: Good Friday Page2.

Heaven Came Down

Tattoo Master GoodFridayMandala


Outside a City Wall Passover

Eye of God Psalm117

Breaking Glass Redeemer Rabbi

Sin Bearer Psalm129

Good Friday art – Tormented Sky by Stushie

They say that the whole of Creation was writhing in anger and agony, on that dreadful and terrible Day.

Tormented Sky

Good Friday art: Star Fall

Star Fall

Seven Last words of christ : 2012 series

Father, forgive them…


Good Friday Art: Bloody Sunset

Without Christ’s death, there is no forgiveness…

Bloody Sunset