Good Friday art – Faraway Hill

Christ on the Cross outside Jerusalem

 Faraway Hill

Good Friday art: Passover King by Stushie

Christ on the Cross – the sacrificial Lamb of God at Passover
Paper sculpting and crayons. Looks 3-D on some devices.

Passover King

Good Friday art: Heaven Came Down by Stushie

Bulletin art for Holy Week, Easter, Lent, and Good Friday

Heaven Came Down

Good Friday art: Eye of God by Stushie

Even God suffered on that terrible day…

Eye of God

Good Friday Art: Bloody Sunset

Without Christ’s death, there is no forgiveness…

Bloody Sunset

Easter Art: Good Friday 2010 – Son Down

Good Friday 2010 – Jesus dies for us again…

Son Down

Easter art: seven last words of Christ on the Cross (6)

Seven Last Words 6

It is finished.