Trinity Sunday art: Trinity 2017

Trinity Sunday bulletin cover and worship screensaver


Blue Trinity


Pentecost artwork: Come to Us by Stushie

The dynamic energy of the Holy Spirit descending to Earth at Pentecost

Come to Us

Easter 7A – Worship Bulletin art

Christ prays for His disciples and church – bulletin cover & coloring sheet

28 May 17 Hands

28 May 17 Hands bw

Ordinary 7A Epiphany 7a bulletin cover

Art work for 19 Feb – Epiphany 7A / Ordinary 7A


Epiphany 7A


Epiphany 7A

Coloring page/ B&W cover

Epiphany 7A

Thank You :)


Thank you to all of the churches, pastors, and individuals who have subscribed or made donations to my art site. Your kindness and support are greatly appreciated and continue to encourage me to create new art throughout the year.

May God bless all of your ministries and missions, programs, and projects with which you use my art.

John Stuart aka Stushie