Church Banner design

Church Banner design for baptism, communion, Lent, Easter.


Annual Art Subs – only $25 :)


Annual Art Subscriptions – only $25 per year 🙂

Beginning on 1 July, 2018, the annual cost for subscriptions to my artwork will only be $25. My religious artwork is unique and has been featured on church magazine covers around the world. I would like the art to be used by more churches, so I’ve set the price to make it easily available for congregations, organizations, and schools. You can use the subscription button below to pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal. If you would prefer to pay by check, just send me an email to and I’ll send you an invoice, which can also be used for reimbursement.

For those of you who will renew the subscription after July 1, you will see a reduction from $40 to $25. Thank you for your continued support which helps me to use some of the proceeds to contribute to the Building Fund of the church I currently serve. God bless you all.

Rev. John Stuart aka Stushie.

Here’s the link to the new subscriptions 😊

Annual Subscription

Pentecost Banner: Doves & Flames by Stushie

Banner type Pentecost drawing

Doves & Flames

Pentecost art – Breakthrough by Stushie

Pentecost art for worship bulletins




Current Lectionary Year: Year C

Year C Begins

Nov 29       Advent 1 C              Dec 06     Advent 2 C

Dec 13       Advent 3 C                Dec 20    Advent 4C

Blue Christmas art

Christmas Eve  – Christ Candle art

Christmas Eve/Day – Nativity art

Dec 27

Jan 03                                               Jan 10

Jan 17                                                Jan 24

Jan 31                                                Feb 07

Lent begins               Feb 10 – Ash Wednesday

Feb 14  Lent 01                               Feb 21  Lent 02

Feb 28   Lent 03                             Mar 06  Lent 04

Mar 13  Lent 05

Holy Week

Mar 20               Palm Sunday

Mar 24               Tenebrae/Maundy Thursday

Mar 25                 Good Friday

Mar 27                 Easter