Lent Bulletins: Crosses

Lent Crosses for bulletins, newsletters, and worship screens

LentenCross Lent Cross

Lent Lenten Wheel

Lent Healing Lenten Cross

Lent Changes Everything Journey BeginsA

Lent2020P Lent2020bw

Ash Wednesday Art – Ashes2020

Another Ash Wednesday drawing for bulletins, posters, worship screens, and newsletters. Charcoal Cross and a border of Lent purple.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use πŸ™‚


Other Ash Wednesday images can be found here: Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday art

Some new Ash Wednesday images for bulletins, posters, postcards, banners, and screens. Subscribers and donors may copy & download πŸ™‚





Ash Wednesday art: Ash Face

Ash Wednesday art for bulletins, banners, worship screens, and postcards.
Subscribers and donors can copy & download for us.
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AW2020LF AW2020LFbw


AW2020sqF AW2020sqFbw

Lent Bulletin Covers

Lent bulletin covers, coloring pages, and clip art. They can be used for bulletins, newsletters, banners, postcards, and worship screens.

Subscribers and donors may copy & download for use. Details about subscriptions can be found here: Subs.

Portrait type


Lent2020P Lent2020bw

Landscape type


Lent2020Ph Lent2020bwh

Lent Art: Countdown to the Cross

Lent banner art using symbols of Holy Week – countdown to the Cross of Christ.

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Lent Bulletin cover

Lenten Cross for bulletin cover, church banner, or worship screen
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Journey BeginsA

Ash Wednesday Bulletin Covers

Art and bulletin covers for Ash Wednesday. Annual subscribers may click on the images to copy and download them for use. Non-subscribers may make a donation – see sidebar for details πŸ™‚


Ash2019 ASHWED2019

ASHW2019 Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Ashes to Ashes

King of Ashes Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday art: Cross

Ash Wednesday bulletin cover and/or banner
Annual subscribers may copy and download art for use. A one-time donation for church use is also acceptable :)See side bar for details.

(with some purple for Lent)

(black & white only)

Lent & Holy Week bulletin covers

Lent & Holy Week symbols for banners & bulletins. Subscribers and donors may click on art to copy and download for use πŸ™‚

Lent Journey

Lent JourneyB