Pentecost – Spirit Jazz



Stushie Art: Sold in 2009 – Part 3

Advent 2Psalm055
Autumn StreamNativity Nap Time
Jill's PsalmMoonrise Van Gogh
Psalm096Moon Tree

Stushie Art: Sold in 2009 – Part 2

Psalm008Vincent Takes Manhattan
Celtic Moon o'er BrigadoonIce Dancer
Apples & OrangesFace to Face
River of LifePoinsettia Star
Snowy for SomeMountain stream

Stushie Art: Sold in 2009 – Part 1

Midnight SunflowersEncaustic orchard
Solar FlairPsalm 030
Search the SeaPsalm071
Bear Creek Hide & SeekPsalm024

Stushie Psalms project: Psalm 93


Religious Art: Eden in the Fall

A mystical representation of the Tree of Life…and a play on the words in the title.

Eden in the Fall

Picturing the Psalms: Exhibit update

My “Picturing the Psalms” exhibit is continuing at Bear Creek Coffee House at Middlebrook Pike, one mile west of Cedar Bluff throughout the month of September. So far I’ve sold six drawings. Here’s what has sold

Search the Sea

Search the Sea

2 x Psalm 20


Vincent Takes Manhattan

Vincent Takes Manhattan

Psalm 24


African Cross

African Cross

Easter Art: A Morningful of promises

The glory of Easter! Hallelujah Christ is Risen!