Religious Art: Eden in the Fall

A mystical representation of the Tree of Life…and a play on the words in the title.

Eden in the Fall

My First Art Exhibition

Ten of my Digital Glass drawings are being exhibited at the Bear Creek Coffee House on Middlebrook Pike starting today – Saturday 13th June. This is my first official exhibition.

You can see which drawings I chose at the following link:
…or you can go to Bear Creek, have a great cup of coffee and a muffin, and see the drawings for yourself.

Religious Art: The First Fifty Psalms

I’ve just completed my first fifty digital drawings of the first fifty psalms and Youtubed the sequence. Enjoy!

Christian art: Advent 1

Advent begins today! Hope re-enters the world.


Religious Art: Psalm 16

Part of a series of artwork celebrating the Book of Psalms


16 down…132 to go!