Stained Glass – Sunrise Window by Stushie

Created with crayons and paper sculpting – enjoy…:)

Sunrise window

Advent Art: Advent One by Stushie

Mackintosh type image for First Sunday in Advent


Pentecost art: Free Fall by Stushie

Holy Spirit descends upon Jerusalem on the First Christian Pentecost

Free Fall

Stained Glass Art: stained Glass Savior by Stushie

Stained Glass Savior – crayon art

Stained Glass Savior

Christmas art: Nativity 2010

Simple Stained Glass design for 2010 Christmas card or worship bulletin


Psalms Art Project: Psalm 96

Back to my psalms project


All the trees of the forest will sing for joy!

Christian Art: Psalm 85

Continuing the Psalms project…Psalm 85


A psalm of reawakening and revival

Christian Art: Midsummer Madonna

Mary & Jesus…this just might become my card at Christmas this year.

Midsummer Madonna

Stained Glass Art: Psalm 73

The psalm of an envious person, who eventually realizes that all of his blessings, resources, and gifts come from God.


Christian Art: Thomas Gasped

Thomas sees Christ for the first time after the Resurrection

Thomas Gasped