Stushie Christmas card designs

I like to design Christmas cards too 🙂

Christmas Tree card

2016 Tree

Snowman card

2016 Flaky Friends

Reindeer card

2016 Deer Friends

Free Christmas bulletin art: Star Messiah

My last design for Christmastime 2010

Star Messiah

Schoolhouse Art: Snow Day!

For teachers everywhere…:)

Snow Day

Christmas art: Frosty the Vol

…anything to keep my mind off today’s World Cup loss…

Frosty the Vol

Christmas art: Nativity 2010

Simple Stained Glass design for 2010 Christmas card or worship bulletin


Christmas Art: O Holy Night

Holy Night

Christmas Art: O Christmas Tree

I must really love Christmas…:)

O Christmas Tree

Stushie Art: Stellar Icon

Iconic version of the Nativity

Stellar Icon

Advent Art: Second Sunday

Advent – the real reason behind the season!

Advent 2

Christ is Coming Back!