Advent Art: Advent One by Stushie

Mackintosh type image for First Sunday in Advent



Celtic Cross art: Seochan – Peace Cross by Stushie

Seochan (she-ock-awn) is the Celtic word for peace. This Celtic Peace Cross is a stained glass design using my digital glass technique. The descending dove of the Holy Spirit is combined with the christian Fish symbol for Christ It is overlaid on a Golden triangle representing the Trinity. The Dove is surrounded by an everlasting circle which has the liturgical colors of the Church.

Stained Glass Seochan

Christmas art: Nativity 2010

Simple Stained Glass design for 2010 Christmas card or worship bulletin


Religious Art: Tree of Life

A simple stained glass design of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Easter Art: Psalm 36


Christian art: Advent 1

Advent begins today! Hope re-enters the world.


Christian Art: Christ is King

Church window design for Christ is King Sunday

Christ is King