baptism of christ by stushie

Artistic rendering of Christ’s baptism in the Jordan river according to Mark 1:9-15

The Baptism

Christian Art: Jordan Joy

Baptism of the Lord

Jordan Joy

Christian Art: Christ is King

Church window design for Christ is King Sunday

Christ is King

Jesus Screensaver: A New Earth

A stained glass rendering of Christ’s new heaven and earth, as opposed to Eckhart Tolle’s new age nonsense and Oprah’s weird ways.

A New Earth

A digitally designed church window

Christian Art: Gateway Gospel

An abstract depiction of John 10 v 9: Jesus said, ” I am the gate. Whoever enters through me shall be saved.”

Gateway Gospel

Religious Art: The Lazarus Project

Stained Glass Church Window Design depicting the Raising of Lazarus from Gospel of John, chapter 11.

Raising Lazarus from the Dead

Lazarus, come forth!