Jesus Screensaver: A New Earth

A stained glass rendering of Christ’s new heaven and earth, as opposed to Eckhart Tolle’s new age nonsense and Oprah’s weird ways.

A New Earth

A digitally designed church window

6 thoughts on “Jesus Screensaver: A New Earth

  1. Hi,

    I’m going to be working on an art project with a group of church choir kids (7th – 12th grade) for their upcoming September choir retreat. My plan is to take a very cool piece of meaningful artwork (like this one!), print it in the size we want to duplicate, then cut it into squares (or other shapes), the same number as the number of kids I have that day. Each kid will get a piece of blank paper the same size and shape along with a piece of the original artwork. They will then get to duplicate the art on the blank paper. After all are complete we put them back together for our own version of the original masterpiece. I’m planning to use oil pastels for the medium.

    Would you be willing to sell us a copy of one of your pieces at a reasonable rate and have us duplicate it in the above manner? The finished piece would hang framed in the church for the congregation to enjoy.

    Thanks for your time and consideration. I love your artwork!


  2. Stushie, I love your art (especially the Psalms series). I’m taking a class called “Music and the Arts in the Classroom” and I also am heading a team to begin a “Good News Club” at my children’s public elementary school. Is it alright if I use (1) your art/webpages for an assignment for my class (have to submit art/music relative to my learning objective for a particular grade-level) and (2) maybe show examples of your “Psalms” art once our Club begins to reinforce topics covered RE: Christ, Who He Is to us, How He can effect our lives…? Thank you and Praise the Lord for your gift and willingness to share it to bless others!

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