Good Friday art: Setting Son by Stushie

Christ is crucified

Setting Son

Christian art – “Peace of Christ” by Stushie

The Lion and the Lamb at peace together

Peace of Christ

8×10 signed prints surrounded by 11×14 matte, already for framing, only $20. Contact me at if interested.

Christ in art: Redeemer Rabbi by Stushie

Redeemer Rabbi – Stone faced drawing of Suffering Christ

Redeemer Rabbi

I drew this from the picture of an Italian statue. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

easter art: holy week Wednesday – Selling Salvation

Making the arrangements to betray Christ…

Selling Salvation

christmas art: Nativity nap time

Nativity Nap Time

Easter Art: Jesus Appears

Jesus appears in the Upper Room.

Jesus Appears

Easter Art: Psalm 36


Christian Art: Christ is King

Church window design for Christ is King Sunday

Christ is King