easter art: holy week Wednesday – Selling Salvation

Making the arrangements to betray Christ…

Selling Salvation

2 thoughts on “easter art: holy week Wednesday – Selling Salvation

  1. Dear Stushie,

    We are hoping to use some of your art during Holy Week for our bulletins. Many of them are powerful and including them adds extra levels of meaning to our liturgies. As you have requested with others, we would include your name and website and would include a small write-up to encourage people to check out more of your work which I think is wonderful. As a side note, I have been looking at the psalm art and have especially liked the inclusion of the cross in so many of them. Again, depths of meaning.

    I include prayers for wellness for your sister from one who knows something about the breast cancer journey.

    1. Thanks Shelagh. Please feel free to use the art for those purposes, as well as crediting me as artist and listing the website. God bless you…:)

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