Nativity art: Small Town Miracle by Stushie

nativity scene 2011

Small Town Miracle

2 thoughts on “Nativity art: Small Town Miracle by Stushie

  1. Pastor Stushie — One pastor to another — this Nativity is BEAUTIFUL! I’d like to use it for some Advent-Christmas magnet series I’m making for the little ones in our congregation, and tie it into our websiteand worship bulletin. Is there a copyright restriction on such use? (Hey, come next payday, I might even buy myself a print of it for a Christmas gift!) Let me know ASAP – must get this magnet series printed this week to be ready for the First Sunday in Advent.

    Also, being from Scotland, do you have anything in your portfolio with a Border Collie on it? I might get that for the good Husband (who is a real sheepherder) and our very own working dog, Annie.

    1. Cathi, thanks for the email. I love your idea…I print ACEO collectible cards for our church kids each month based on my year round drawings.

      Feel free to use the image for your magnets. God bless you and the ministry He has called you to accomplish in Christ’s Name…:)

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