New Pentecost art by Stushie

Two more drawings for Pentecost bulletin covers

(You can also find other Pentecost drawings here: Pentecost.)

Spirit of '17

True Spirit

Pentecost Art by Stushie

Pentecost is a wonderful celebration of the Holy Spirit coming into the world to inspire Christ’s faithful disciples and to begin the ministry of His Church in the world. Images of doves, tongues of fire, and disciples have been drawn all over the world throughout the ages. The following art drawings are some of my symbolic representations of this unique event.

Spirit2017 bordered Pentecost2017bordered

Promised Blessinga Promised Encounter

Promised Encounter

Holy Spirit 2016 Pentecost v

Pentecost 4a

Pentecost 3 After the Fire

Spirit Guide Pentecost02 - 2016bor


Pentecost01-2016bora Spirit of the Dogwoods

Sacred Spirit Sacred Flame

Spirit Glass


Pentecost Bulletin art: 2013 series by Stushie

My current Pentecost drawing series

2013 Pentecost series

Pentecost art – Spirit of Pentecost by Stushie

Artistic depiction of Holy Spirit descending to Earth on the First Christian Pentecost. Crayons 8×10

Spirit of Pentecost